Technical Details for Authors

The individual talks in the sessions are chaired and moderated. The talk windows are 20 min (1 min sharing the slides and introduction by the session chair + 16 min presentation + 3 min discussion).

The keynote talks are chaired and moderated. The keynote talk windows are25 min (2 min sharing the slides and introduction by the session chair + 20 min presentation + 3 min discussion)

Please log in to your session 5 minutes before the official start of your talk. The slide content and the speaker will be combined and converted to a live video signal and fed into the streaming channel in real time. The slides are presented optimally in 16 x 9 format. The stream itself will then be available free of charge to interested audiences.

For presentation please

install the Zoom App ( and
generate a personal account (Level Basic;

You can use it to hold meetings for free up to 40 minutes. This way you could already practice sharing the screen and your presentation. The technical requirements are as follows: Please use a camera and a headset. We would like to ask you to use an external microphone so that your presentation is clearly hearable.

And last but not least - please make sure that you have a stable internet connection 1.5 Mbps up & down.